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Manufacturer Defect - Clear Glass Can (12oz)

Manufacturer Defect - Clear Glass Can (12oz)

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Please note: These cans have manufacturer defects (scratches, tiny bubbles around the glass during manufacturing, and imperfections). The glasses are excellent for testing sublimation and testing processes and are in perfect order. They do not meet our quality standard, which is why they are on closeout. 

Please note that each cup is non-refundable and does not qualify for any discounts and includes the cup, lid and straws. 

Our cans can be used for either sublimation or vinyl!

Each Cup Includes: Glass Cup, Plastic Straw, Bamboo Lid and White Box. 

Dark color patterns work best.

Preheat before baking is better.

Do not print patterns at the positions of curved surfaces at the upper and lower ends.

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