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Snow Globe (Double Wall) Glass Can (12oz)

Snow Globe (Double Wall) Glass Can (12oz)

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Our new 12oz glass double wall cans are the latest addition to our collection. Each glass can comes with a bamboo lid, plastic straw and sublimation glass can. Each can has a pre-made hole in the bottom for your elements to be added with ease.

Cans can be sublimated on or used with vinyl. If you are sublimating you need to complete your sublimation BEFORE adding anything to the double walls. DO NOT add anything to the tumblers (including liquid, glitter, etc.) prior to sublimation. Doing so can may cause injury.

Please note clay polymers may not fit within the double wall given the opening. Chunky glitters and small stones should work perfectly for you. When sealing we recommend using as little epoxy or uv resin as possible to ensure a smooth and even bottom of the glass. We personally used a bit of hot glue to form a seal and then did UV resin on top. 

We are unable to offer refunds on these due to user error. 

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